A thrilling weekend at the 12h de la Tuque

A weekend of action waiting for the crowd during the 12 heures de la Tuque. As a partner of the event, SINTO was present and show his colors! Tents, vehicles, banners bearing the effigy of SINTO adorned racetracks.

The event was once again a success this year. The site has been reconfigured to allow spectators to follow more closely the action of many competitions featuring teams from Quebec, Canada, the U.S. and even Europe.

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Big event to celebrate SINTO’S 25th anniversary!
Sinto joins the 12 hours endurance at La Tuque
Winter of action in sight for Jonathan Belzil
SINTO partners to two major race competitions
Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show 2014
A thrilling weekend at the 12h de la Tuque