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Welcome to SINTO – leading producer of high performance lubrication products. Since 1991, Sinto has designed, made and distributed synthetic motor oils, greases, fuel treatments, rustproofing and many other high performance product maximizing the efficiency, the protection and durability of mechanical equipment and vehicles.


Everything is done to achieve this goal every day, to live our mission.

  •          Improving our customer’s efficiency means reducing: headaches, maintenance, down times and the environmental impact of equipment.
  •          Improving our customer’s efficiency means improving: users pleasure, equipment efficiency and durability as well as its profitability.


Our Lubrication Experts team one goal: efficient customer service, on-site, by professionals.  Our team have extensive training on the latest technologies as well as many years of experience backed by chemist and engineers. We are proud to offer free on-site support to our customers when and where you need them – we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction.


Meeting the recommended performance criteria is not enough for us.  We desire to exceed them so that our customers get the maximum for their money.  All high performance Sinto products, from the fuel treatment to greases, from the synthetic motor oil to our biodegradable lubricants are the result of intensive research and were formulated by our team of chemists, engineers and senior technicians.


Improving equipment performance so that they work more efficiently brings more than a higher profitability and peace of mind. Our product greatly contributes to reduce fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions.  Our synthetic motor oil aim to double OEM oil change intervals which mean 50% less oil by equipment by year. We are proud members of several organization who promotes better environmental footprint.  Many of our products have receive certification from these organization and we also have an ecological and biodegradable product line (degreaser bio, bio rustproofing, biodegradable hydraulic oil, etc.)


In north America, from big mining companies up to the snowmobile passionate, our product and our expertise has made their impact.  Amongst our customers are: cars, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, atv, side by side, boats, marine vessels, excavator, heavy equipment, trucks, aggregate equipment, farming equipment, forestry equipment, logger, backhoes, cranes, railroads, drilling and mining equipment, industrial equipment, bearings, gear and much more.


  •   Lubricants
  •   Motor Oil Products
  •   Anti-Frictions
  •   Recreation Oil
  •   Degreasers
  •   Synthetic Oil Products
  •   Cleaners
  •   Rustproofing

Regardless of what you drive, ride or operate SINTO’s high quality products are geared for performance, so if you want your machines operating at their best, the choice is easy. So, stop settling for sub-par performance from your vehicle or machinery and start maximizing their output by contacting your local SINTO expert today!

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