SINTO is happy to introduce its brand new anti-rust aerosol product

SINTO Antirust is suitable for new or used vehicles, heavy machinery, industrial equipment and any other equipment or accessory requiring protection against rust. It offers both excellent penetrating power and a protective layer of wax, which acts as a barrier against water and moisture.


Ideal for vehicles' underbody as well as for the protection of small equipment up to heavy machinery.


  •  Durable rust
  •  Amber or black
  •  Robust and sound-absorbing
  •  Neutralizes existing rust
  •  Removes moisture from metal surfaces
  •  Lubricant & penetrating

Easy to apply, SINTO Antirust Spray can be used to perform annual rust removers by vehicle owners. Easy to apply, it is perfect for reaching the least accessible places.


SINTO's wide range of high-tech rust inhibitors is specifically designed to help performance and preserve the life of vehicles and machinery.

Daniel Laflamme, Ing. Chemical Expert in lubrication SINTO

To find out more about SINTO's range of anti-rust products or advice on the choice of your rust prevention products, do not hesitate to contact one of our SINTO Lubrication Experts.